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The short answer is Canggu. Here, you’ll find many great hostels and co-living spaces where you can find and connect with like-minded girls. There are even some Facebook groups, such as “Canggu Nomad Girls” or “Girls in Bali”, where you can meet other solo ladies.

Bali is an all-year-round destination! The official rainy season runs between October and March. But, even then, the rain occurs mostly at night. The dry season in Bali spans between April and September. If you want to avoid the high-season crowds, avoid July and August.

Booking.com is my preferred website for booking hotels in Bali. They provide free cancellation, which is handy if you’re booking way in advance. I also use Booking for Airbnb-style Bali accommodation because the hosts don’t cancel on you as much as it happens on Airbnb.

The island of Bali is hugely diverse, with an abundance of exciting places to visit and things to do. Stay for at least 7 days to experience the top of Bali, and don’t forget to include in your Bali itinerary places such as Ubud – the island’s cultural capital and Uluwatu, which boasts Bali’s best beaches.