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Hey! We are Mal & Robin – the team behind this blog. We live in Bali and want to share with you everything we know.

We are from Poland and Holland, respectively, and we met in Mostar, Bosnia, while travelling – something we’re both most passionate about.

Today, we are digital nomads dividing our time between living in Bali and roaming the world. We are normally on the road for at least six months of the year, exploring different corners of this beautiful planet.

But we also love the time we spend on the island of gods, having a healthy routine, mingling with friends and working from Canggu cafes.

Here are some of the things we love:

🏄🏻‍♂️ We are both passionate surfers. When we’re in Canggu, you can find us in the lineup at Batu Balong or Old Man’s.

🧳 We are unique accommodation lovers. When there is a new bamboo house in Bali, we will spend a weekend there, and if we love it, we will recommend it to you.

📸 Photography is our passion! Call us crazy, but we normally wake up at sunrise to shoot. Most photos on this website are taken by us, including drone shots.

🫕 We are big foodies. Bali is the perfect place for us because, here, new restaurants pop out weekly. We dine in a new place all the time – it’s our guilty pleasure, but it also makes us experts in the local dining scene.

🌴 We live in Canggu, but at the weekend, you’ll find us travelling around the island and discovering new epic places.

🏖️ We are also obsessed with beach walks. We often walk from Canggu to Seminyak, which is a great walk.


Hello! I’m Robin, coming to you from the heart of the Netherlands, not far from the city of Den Bosch. Once a business owner with a building company to my name, my path took a sharp turn toward the world of travel.

I’m a football enthusiast through and through, cheering on Feyenoord with all the gusto of a true champion fan – because, in 2023, that’s precisely what we became! It’s a victory too sweet not to mention. ⚽🏆

I’ve always had this itch to explore. This longing for adventure has taken me on some epic journeys, from Vietnam’s Ha Giang Loop by motorcycle, an experience that teeters on the edge of madness and enlightenment, to chasing sunrise over the misty calderas of Mount Bromo in Java.

Then 2021 rolled around, bringing with it a pivotal twist. I set off alone on a road trip through the Balkans, and that’s where my story intersects with Mal’s. The rest, as they say, is history.

Seduced by the allure of constant travel and a shared life with Mal, I traded in my former life for an island life. Now, I’m navigating this grand adventure with my partner in crime by my side. 🤙🏻

Blogger Robin staying at Balquisse Heritage Hotel In Jimbaran Bali.
Blogger Mal Profile Photo in Bukit Cinta Bali.


My name is Mal. I was born in Poland but spent most of my adult life in the UK, where I graduated from Southampton University and earned a Bachelor’s in International Relations.

Travelling has always been the rhythm of my life, with every scrap of annual leave transformed into an escape to far-flung destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, and Brazil. The further from familiar, the better.

In 2020, I chose to leave my position as a financial analyst at a major company. It wasn’t that I disliked my job, but I yearned for a life filled with more freedom and adventure.

As the world slowed down amidst the pandemic, my journey accelerated. I let go of my house, and my possessions and took a leap of faith and moved to Bali, which from then on became my home. 🌴❤️

Here, I developed my skill and passion for photography, visiting and capturing all the amazing corners of this enchanting island.

In the summer of 2021, I travelled through the Balkans and met my partner Robin, who joined me in my lifestyle.

Our Expertise & Unique Perspective

Living in Bali, we’re on a continuous quest for the unique – from uncovering hidden waterfalls or temples to trying out new restaurants or spas and embracing adrenaline-packed activities. Nearly every weekend, we venture out, chasing authentic experiences and staying in extraordinary places that each tell a story.

Plus, Mal’s passion for photography helps bring our Balinese experiences to life, capturing moments that speak louder than words.

Why Trust Us?

At the heart of our website lies a deep passion for uncovering and sharing Bali’s most unique accommodation gems. Our island life is dedicated to discovering stays that transcend the ordinary: eco-friendly lodges that blend seamlessly with nature, opulent Ubud hotels offering a slice of luxury, and romantic hideaways perfect for honeymooners. This is why we launched this platform – to guide you effortlessly to the accommodation and the best places to stay on the island.

Our expertise is not just in exploration but in connection. Working closely with local hotels and brands gives us insider knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of what truly stands out. It also means we’re often the first to know about the latest hidden spots and exclusive deals, knowledge we’re eager to pass on to ensure your Bali adventure is as authentic and enriching as it can be.

Genuine Recommendations

From that one-of-a-kind boutique hotel nestled in Bali’s lush highlands to the best restaurants in Seminyak, our suggestions come from firsthand experiences and genuine appreciation.

Let’s Connect!

We value the trust you place in us. Whether you’re curious, have insights to share, or are looking to collaborate, we’re only a message away and always keen to connect with our fellow explorers.

Here is our email: [email protected]

Safe travels, and see you on the road (or in the rice fields)!

Mal & Robin

some of Our Recent Adventures

Bloggers Mal and Robin at Suenyo eco hotel in Bali.
Blogger Mal staying in Seminyak at Blue Karma Dijiwa Hotel.
Bloggers Robin and Mal in Kintamani.
Bloggers Mal and Robin staying at a luxury hotel in Umalas Bali.
Blogger Robin staying at Bali Mandira resort in Legian and enjoying adult only pool.