Padang Padang Beach is one of the best places to stay in Uluwatu.

Where To Stay In Uluwatu In 2024 By Local Expats – 5 Best Areas + Uluwatu Accommodation

Need tips on where to stay in Uluwatu?

We have lived in Bali since 2020 and are here to offer our local knowledge and tips! 

Uluwatu boasts some of the best beaches in Bali; if you’re after turquoise water and golden sand, Uluwatu is definitely one of the best areas to stay in Bali for you! 

Whether you crave a day in a chic beach club partying away until late at night or seek a secluded beach to spend a day away from the crowds, Uluwatu has got you covered. And if you’re a pro surfer, we probably don’t even need to mention Uluwatu’s world-class surf spots and barreling waves! 

And the best part of staying in Uluwatu is that this area is not overrun with tourism yet! Now, as Ulu is a little spread out, in this post, we go over all the best areas to stay in Uluwatu to help you decide where to base yourself. We also offer our top picks for Uluwatu accommodation. 

Let’s dive straight in! 

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TOP Pick Accommodation In Uluwatu

Top pick of accommodation in Uluwatu


This property features a range of elegant suites, some of which come with a private pool. Suluban Beach is just an 11-minute walk away, and Thomas Beach is only 6 minutes away.

Where To Stay In Uluwatu At A Glance

Below, you’ll find a summary of the best places to stay in Uluwatu, together with our top picks of accommodation Uluwatu has to offer. 

🏝️Padang Padang Beach – Padang Padang area is located centrally and, for that reason, is one of the best places to stay Uluwatu has to offer for first-time visitors. From here, you’ll have easy access to the epic cliffs of Suluban, a wide range of restaurants and, of course, Padang Padang Beach, which boasts shallow waters suitable for swimmers and a beginner to intermediate surf spot.  

🌟 TOP PICK 📍 ➡️ Dreamsea Bali

🏝️Uluwatu Beach – Uluwatu Beach, located in the southwestern part, is the best location to stay in Uluwatu for lively vibes and a good selection of restaurants and shops. If you stay near Uluwatu Beach, you will be only an 8-minute drive from Padang Padang and a similar distance to the Uluwatu Temple. If you’re a pro surfer, you will want to stay close to the Suluban surf break.

🌟 TOP PICK 📍 ➡️ IKIGAI Uluwatu Beach

🏝️Balangan Beach – If you’re looking for where to stay in Uluwatu with a family, consider Balangan Beach. This area in Uluwatu is way less busy, and the beach is easy to access without having to climb down a massive cliff.  

🌟 TOP PICK 📍 ➡️ Le Yanandra Bali Resort

🏝️Bingin Beach – The area of Bingin Beach is a great place to stay for groups of friends and young couples. The beach has a chilled, cool vibe and soft, golden sand, and there is even a surf break suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. There are a few casual warungs on the beach where you can grab lunch with a view.  

🌟 TOP PICK 📍 ➡️ Hari Indah Boutique Hotel

🏝️Melasti Beach – The area near Melasti Beach is the best place to stay in Uluwatu for the off-the-beaten-track experience but also for its epic beach clubs. Melasti Beach itself boasts easy access and various clubs – from family-friendly Minoo to adults-centred Tropical Temptation. 

🌟 TOP PICK 📍 ➡️ Adila Bali


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      #1 Padang Padang Beach – Best place to stay in Uluwatu Bali for the First Time.

      The streets of Uluwatu.
      The streets of Uluwatu.

      Situated in the western section of Uluwatu, Padang Padang Beach is conveniently sandwiched between Bingin Beach to the north and the Uluwatu/Suluban Beach complex to the south. 

      If you’re new to the Uluwatu area, this location serves as an ideal hub due to its ease of access, proximity to an array of excellent restaurants, and a selection of sandy beaches to choose from. And for these reasons, it is one of the best places in Uluwatu to stay for first-time travellers. 

      In addition to Padang Padang Beach, you’ll also find Thomas Beach within easy walking distance – a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to switch up your beach day. 

      For those keen on surf-watching, don’t miss Suluban Beach, where you can catch professional surfers tackling the waves. For the best vantage point, head to Single Fin Beach Club; it offers an unparalleled view of the action from atop the cliff.

      Padang Padang Beach

      Padang Padang Beach is one of the best places to stay in Uluwatu.

      Parking at Padang Padang Beach is relatively hassle-free, thanks to a sizable parking area. The entrance fee of 15,000 IDR (approximately one dollar) is a small price to pay for access to this picturesque beach. To reach the sand, you’ll navigate a staircase carved into the cliff and pass through a narrow cave, which takes less than 10 minutes.

      The beach itself features a mix of soft sand and striking rock formations, which offer both visual appeal and pockets of shade. While the setting feels tranquil, beware of the cheeky monkeys – charming as they may seem, they have a knack for swiping unguarded snacks. 

      The water is shallow and safe for swimming, even for kids, although the rocky seabed might warrant water shoes if you have them. 

      For those looking to do more than wade, the waters off the shore serve as a popular surf spot. Beginners, you’re in luck – most of the year, the waves here are welcoming. 

      But for the seasoned surfers among us, come during the special swell season, and you might even catch a surf competition in action. 

      Best Restaurants In This Area

      • Our Uluwatu: This cafe specialises in colourful, Instagram-worthy plates that are as good for you as they are delicious.
      • Nourish: As the name implies, Nourish aims to provide nourishing meals that don’t skimp on flavour. Think hearty salads, grain bowls, and fresh smoothies that leave you satisfied without the guilt.
      • Son of A Baker: For all the carb aficionados out there, Son of A Baker is a must-visit. From focaccia to artisanal pastries, it’s a haven for those who appreciate the finer points of baking. 
      • The Place with No Name: This place offers an eclectic menu that’s as unique as its name. You might find anything from local Balinese dishes to international favourites.
      • Warung Local: Our favourite Indonesian cuisine eatery with a Western-friendly style. We eat at their Canggu brunch regularly! 

      Best Beach Clubs In This Area

      • Ulu Cliffhouse: Perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, this stylish venue is a go-to for poolside cocktails and eclectic bites.
      • Single Fin: Famous for its cliff-top views, Single Fin is the hub for surf enthusiasts and sunset lovers, offering live music and vibrant nightlife.


      • Central location
      • A wide range of restaurants
      • Near a swimmable beach 


      • Busy area
      • Traffic

      Best Uluwatu Accommodation near Padang Padang

      Here are the best hotels in Uluwatu near Padang Padang Beach:

      best place to stay in Uluwatu

      Luxury Pick – Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

      Located within walking distance of three beaches: Impossible, Padang Padang, and Bingin, Radisson Blu boasts a central location near shops and restaurants. Guests can enjoy the property’s excellent facilities, including a large pool. 

      best place to stay in Uluwatu

      Mid-Range Pick – Dreamsea Bali

      Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, Dreamsea boasts boho-style rooms with ocean views, an in-house restaurant and a central location, only a 10-minute walk to Padang Padang Beach. 

      accommodation Uluwatu

      Budget Pick – The Room Padang-Padang

      This property is one of the best Uluwatu hotels for its location – right in front of the Padang Padang Beach entrance. It boasts rooms with minimalist decor and a small but charming pool area. 

      #2 Uluwatu Beach – Best for surf, nightlife and solo travellers.

      Suluban Beach is where to stay in Uluwatu for cliff top sunset views.
      Suluban Beach is where to stay in Uluwatu for surf.

      Uluwatu Beach is situated on the southwestern tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, a neighbourhood known for its dramatic cliffside views and world-class surf spots. The international airport is located around a 60-minute drive traffic dependent. 

      The area is home to iconic attractions like Uluwatu Temple and some of Bali’s most popular beach clubs, such as Ulu Cliffhouse and Single Fin. This neighbourhood is the best area to stay in Uluwatu Bali if you want to be in the centre of all action

      Staying near Uluwatu Beach is an excellent choice, especially if you’re keen on surfing or travelling solo. 

      The surf conditions here are some of the best on the island, catering primarily for pros

      When the sun sets, the area comes alive with clifftop bars and clubs where you can mingle with like-minded travellers. And, as we mentioned above, Single Fins or more low-key warungs at the top of Suluban cliffs are the place to be for sunset and watching the surf.  

      Suluban Beach 

      Suluban is the best place in Uluwatu for pro surfers.

      Nestled at the bottom of a cliff, Suluban Beach is not your typical sandy retreat. To get there, you’ll navigate a labyrinth of staircases that meander through a maze of local warungs and cafes. It’s a little journey, but the destination is worth the trek. Once you arrive, you’ll find a unique beachscape where sand is cradled between imposing rocks and even extends into a cave.

      The character of Suluban Beach changes with the tides. During high tide, the beach all but vanishes, swallowed by the sea. At low tide, however, the water recedes to reveal a shallow, rocky landscape. Here, water shoes are not a recommendation but a necessity due to the sharp coral reef underfoot. 

      If you’re a surfer, the break is farther from the shore and is geared towards professionals, featuring multiple spots with left-hand-sided waves. Due to these characteristics, Suluban Beach isn’t a place to lounge, but it is more like a beach to explore. 

      Best Restaurants In This Area

      • Lola’s Cantina Mexicana: A lively spot for authentic Mexican cuisine, Lola’s is known for its flavorful burritos and refreshing margaritas.
      • Suka Espresso: Great spot for lunch or dinner. We always come here for the crispy fish burgers, which are so tasty!
      • District 6: A modern eatery, District 6 serves up a mix of Asian and Western dishes. It’s good for both brunch and dinner, and they specialise in pizzas.
      • Ulu Garden: Set amidst lush greenery, Ulu Garden is your go-to for a hip lunch or dinner accompanied by live music. 

      Best Beach Clubs In This Area

      • Ritual Bali: Perched on a clifftop with panoramic ocean views, Ritual Bali is ideal for sunset cocktails. The venue frequently features live music, adding to the relaxed, atmospheric vibe.
      • Ulu Cliffhouse
      • Single Fins


      • Great for nightlife
      • Pro surfing spot
      • Fantastic dining options


      • Suluban is not good for swimming
      • Busy area

      Best Accommodation Uluwatu Beach Area Has To Offer

      Here is the best accommodation in Uluwatu near Suluban Beach:

      adult only hotels in Uluwatu Beach

      Luxury Pick – The Asa Maia

      Located just 800 meters from the entrance of Suluban Beach, The Asa Maia is an adults-only heaven boasting luxurious suites with rustic decor and modern facilities, including a pool, gym, restaurant and spa. 

      Top pick of accommodation in Uluwatu

      Mid-Range Pick – IKIGAI Uluwatu Beach

      This property features a range of elegant suites, some of which come with a private pool. Suluban Beach is just an 11-minute walk away, and Thomas Beach is only 6 minutes away.

      best Uluwatu hotels

      Budget Pick – Kutuh Manak Guest House

      This is the best hotel in Uluwatu Bali within a budget range, situated at 1.8 km from Suluban and a 7-minute walk to Padang Padang. The property comes with a large pool and serves breakfast for an additional price. 

      #3 Bingin Beach – Best place in Uluwatu for young couples and friends vacation. 

      Bingin Beach is where to stay in Uluwatu for young couples.
      Bingin Beach

      Bingin Beach is another great location for where to stay in Uluwatu for casual, youthful vibes. Bingin Beach is located on the western coast of the Bukit Peninsula, between Balangang Beach and Padang Padang. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is 20 km away, and Suluban Beach is a 4 km drive.

      The village around Bingin Beach offers a diverse selection of quaint hotels and cosy homestays, complemented by a handful of quality dining options. Given that locations are somewhat dispersed, a scooter rental might be your best bet for easy navigation. Alternatively, you can conveniently hail a ride using the Grab or GoJek apps.

      Here, you will also find the Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park, situated around 10 km from the beach. This sprawling cultural landmark features a towering statue of the Hindu god Vishnu and offers panoramic views, making it a must-visit for those interested in Balinese art and spirituality.

      Bingin Beach 

      Bingin Beach.

      Bingin is one of our favourite beaches; we just love its chilled vibe and its idyllic stretch of sand!

      There are several small car parks, ideal for scooter parking – just remember to carry some change for the 5k IDR fee. Once parked, you’ll follow signs leading you down a corridor-like pathway wedged between two concrete walls. Your descent to the beach involves a series of stairs that take you past a charming assortment of guesthouses and cafes.

      Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a stretch of golden sand set in a casual, laid-back environment. You can also catch a glimpse of Dreamland Beach off to the right.

      A few cafes are strategically perched above, offering panoramic views of the coastline. While there’s a small section for umbrella rentals, the beach otherwise offers limited shade, so sunscreen is advised. 

      As for the sea, it’s generally more swim-friendly compared to Seminyak or Canggu, though it’s not advisable for young children. For surf enthusiasts, there’s a spot farther from the shore suitable for intermediate levels. 

      Best Restaurants In This Area

      • Kelly’s Warung: Beachfront dining with a casual vibe. Kelly’s Warung serves up smoothie bowls, chicken satay, and nasi goreng, all while you watch surfers ride the waves.
      • Gooseberry: A chic, upmarket venue with a pool, Gooseberry excels in truffle oil gnocchi and brisket, making it ideal for both brunch and dinner. They also have a small store selling lingerie.
      • Latino Bingin: Offering an inviting atmosphere with live music, Latino Bingin serves up plates like chicken parmigiana, empanadas, and creative cocktails.
      • The Cashew Tree: A health-conscious spot, The Cashew Tree features an array of organic, vegan, and vegetarian options, including a Falafel Burger and a Vegan Big Mac.

      Best Beach Club In This Area

      • El Kabron: A luxurious beach club specialising in fine dining and Spanish cuisine, El Kabron is the go-to for oysters, cocktails, and a vibrant sunset party scene.


      • Great swimming beach
      • Surf is also available 
      • Casual vibes


      • You need to climb down the 200 stairs to access the beach 
      • A little more remote from the centre of Uluwatu

      Best Hotels In Uluwatu Bali Near Bingin Beach

      Here is the best accommodation Uluwatu has to offer near Bingin Beach:

      best accommodation in Uluwatu for couples

      Luxury Pick – Samara Villa Bingin

      This villa is perched right on the cliff overlooking Bingin Beach. Watch surfers ride the waves right from your kitchen in this beautifully decorated space. Adorned with green plants and bathed in natural light, the property exudes a beach boho vibe that perfectly complements its stunning views.

      hotels in Uluwatu Bali

      Mid-Range Pick – Hari Indah Boutique Hotel

      Located just 500 meters from the beach entrance, this hotel offers boho-themed rooms complete with outdoor bathrooms. Additional amenities include a shared pool, an on-site restaurant, bar, and even a spa to unwind in after a day in the sun.

      where to stay Uluwatu

      Budget Pick – Rasasvada Cottages

      A mere 3-minute walk from Bingin Beach, this property offers charming wooden cottages with outdoor bathrooms. Guests can enjoy two pools for a leisurely dip. To top it off, breakfast is included, making it a convenient and comfortable stay.

      #4 Melasti Beach – Best For Epic Beach Clubs & Quiet Beaches.

      Melesti Beach.

      If you’re looking for a little bit less touristy part of where to stay in Uluwatu, the southern coast and the area around Melasti Beach may be the perfect choice. 

      This southern slice of Uluwatu is a refreshing escape from the busier neighbourhoods, offering a laid-back, almost rural atmosphere. Forget about traffic; here, the roads are as clear as the sky. 

      What really makes this area shine are its pristine beaches. You’ve got options like Nyang Nyang, where a shipwreck adds a touch of mystery to your sunbathing, or Green Bowl, a quiet and unspoiled haven. For those seeking more local flavours, Pandawa Beach is where you’ll want to roll out your towel.

      But let’s not forget the chic beach clubs that put this part of Uluwatu on the map. Whether it’s the viby atmosphere at Tropical Temptation, the family-friendly vibes at Minoo, or the exclusive allure of Karma Kandara with its private beach, there’s a slice of coastal paradise for everyone.

      Feeling adventurous? This neighbourhood is also the best area to stay Uluwatu has to offer for adrenaline seekers. You can elevate your holiday, literally, by taking a helicopter ride along the southern coast of Bali. And if you’ve ever dreamed of soaring like a bird, there’s also paragliding available to give you a bird’s-eye view of this coastal beauty.

      Melasti Beach

      Melasti is great for beach clubs.

      Melasti Beach distinguishes itself with its unique accessibility – nestled in a dramatic landscape of black cliffs, a convenient road allows cars to drive right down to the sand, a rarity in Uluwatu.

      Once there, you’re greeted by a smattering of beach clubs, each vying for your attention.

      But let’s talk about the beach itself. The sand is soft and welcoming, a perfect counterpart to the turquoise water that’s just begging you to dive in. We love visiting Melasti at high tide, which brings in fun (but not overwhelming) waves.

      You’ve got options for sunbathing – either rent one of the many available loungers and umbrellas or throw down your own towel for some cost-free relaxation. 

      And as the day winds down, don’t miss the Kecak dance show performed at the beach’s eastern edge, a cultural experience that adds a final, magical touch to your day.

      Best Restaurants In This Area

      • Wood Shack: Serves both Indonesian and Western food and is perfect for both brunch and dinner. 
      • The Warung: For an elevated Indonesian cuisine in a welcoming ambience, with standout dishes like flavour-packed pork ribs and tiger prawns. Top-level service and a diverse selection of sambals round out the culinary journey.

      Best Beach Clubs In This Area

      • Palmilla
      • Tropical Temptation
      • Minoo Beach Club
      • Karma Kandara
      • Sundays Beach Club


      • Melasti is a fantastic beach
      • Great for beach club lovers
      • Less traffic


      • More remote area
      • Fewer restaurant options

      Best Hotels Near Melasti Beach

      Here are the best places to stay near Uluwatu Melasti Beach:

      the most epic clifftop accommodation in Uluwatu

      Luxury Pick – The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

      A mere 12-minute drive from Melasti Beach, this resort takes luxury to new heights – literally, as it’s perched on a cliff with breathtaking views. Guests are treated to private beach access and exclusive entry to Sundays Beach Club. Accommodations range from lavish double rooms to private pool villas with multiple bedrooms.

      best Uluwatu hotels

      Mid-Range Pick – Paanchali Ocean View Villa

      Just a 12-minute drive to Melasti Beach, this villa promises panoramic ocean views that you can enjoy from your own private pool. The property features a two-bedroom layout with a fully equipped kitchen, making it a self-contained paradise.

      A cool guest house in Uluwatu

      Budget Pick – Adila Bali

      A quick 9-minute drive from Melasti Beach, this hotel entices with an infinity pool and panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Each room comes with a balcony to soak in the vistas, and a complimentary breakfast is included to start your day off right.

      #5 Balangan Beach – Best place to stay Uluwatu has For Families.

      Balangan Beach
      Balangan Beach

      If you’re looking for Uluwatu best places to stay with kids, the neighbourhood of Balangan Beach is a solid choice. 

      Located on the northwestern coast of the Pecatu Peninsula, this serene spot is only 9 km from family-friendly Jimbaran Bay and 18 km from the international airport. The proximity to Jimbaran, with its expansive, wave-free beach, makes it particularly welcoming for families. Plus, you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from the airport.

      But Balangan Beach isn’t just a family affair; it’s a convenient base for day trips to other parts of Bali. The area exudes a traffic-free, rural charm, offering a range of small guesthouses and hotels to fit various budgets. 

      The only downside? You’re a 30-minute drive from the bustling main area of Uluwatu, so keep that in mind if you’re keen on frequenting its more well-known spots.

      Balangan Beach 

      Balangan Beach

      Unlike some Uluwatu beaches that require a bit of cliffside descent, Balangan is easily accessible. The beach unfurls a wide stretch of golden sand, and depending on the tide, the sea can be quite placid, making it suitable for a refreshing dip.

      Here, there’s plenty of room to stretch your own towel, but if you’re in the mood for a bit of pampering, you can easily rent an umbrella and sunbed from one of the casual beach warungs dotting the shore.

      But let’s venture a bit north, shall we? There, the famous Balangan Cliff offers a vantage point that’s nothing short of majestic, especially at sunset. It’s such a romantic setting that it’s a popular spot for wedding photoshoots. 

      In fact, on our last visit, we were lucky enough to witness a dreamy wedding ceremony taking place right there against the backdrop of the sinking sun.

      Best Restaurants In This Area

      • Milo’s Restaurant: A great stop for a lunch with ocean views.
      • Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant: Excellent Chinese restaurant for when you need a break from nasi goreng. 

      Best Beach Clubs In This Area

      • Kubu Beach Club: Owned by Ayana Resort, this beach club is accessible either by a 197-step stairway or a 35-second vertical elevator ride. Reasonably priced, the club offers massage and tattoo services and opens at 9 a.m.
      • Rock Bar: This upscale cliffside bar ensures a memorable sunset experience with top-notch service. With diverse seating areas, including a DJ side and a romantic corner, it’s the ideal venue for savouring crafted cocktails like their take on the Old Fashioned.


      • Quiet area
      • Great, swimming beach
      • Good for taking day trips to Ubud, etc. 


      • 30-minutes drive away from Ulu centre
      • Not too many restaurant choices

      Best hotels near Balangan Beach

      Where to stay near Uluwatu Balanga Beach? Here are our top picks:

      best hotel in Uluwatu Balangan area

      Luxury Pick – Jumeirah Bali

      A mere 4 km from Balangan Beach and a stroll away from Dreamland Beach, this luxury resort offers opulent villas complete with private pools and full-on resort amenities.

      a perfect place to stay in Uluwatu

      Mid-Range Pick – Le Yanandra Bali Resort

      Just a 6-minute walk to Balangan Beach, this charming resort features thatched-roof bungalows, a pool, and a spa, with breakfast included to start your day right.

      one of the best places to stay in Uluwatu Bali for budget travellers

      Budget Pick – Milo’s Home

      Located just 1.2 km from Balangan Beach, this unique retreat offers bamboo and wood bungalows with terraces. Family bungalows, a pool, and a restaurant are available, along with a private beach area exclusively for guests.

      Best Areas To Stay In Uluwatu For Families

      If you’re wondering where to stay in Uluwatu with a family, this section is for you. 

      One of our top picks for a beach day with kids has to be Padang Padang. Nestled in a scenic cove, the beach boasts shallow, wave-free waters that make it a paradise for young swimmers. 

      Melasti Beach is another great destination, especially if you’re heading to Minoo Beach Club, which boasts a kid-friendly pool and a playful park that keeps the kids entertained for hours.

      When it comes to where to stay, there are several family-friendly Uluwatu accommodation options that feature not just spacious family suites but also a range of kid-friendly activities and menus. Some even offer a handy shuttle service to the beach, making those beach days a breeze. 

      Here are the best hotels Uluwatu has for families:

      a great places to stay Uluwatu for families

      Top Pick – Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

      Just 8 minutes from Padang Padang Beach, with a free shuttle service for your convenience. This luxury resort offers daily buffet breakfasts, a kids’ activity program, and a complimentary 45-minute photoshoot for parents.

      where to stay Uluwatu Bali

      Mid-Range Pick – Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort

      Only 20 minutes from Padang Padang and Melasti beaches, this family-friendly retreat grants access to Roosterfish Beach Club. With spacious suites, a dedicated kids’ pool, a lively kids’ club, multiple dining options, 4 pools, plus a spa and gym. Perfect for families.

      For families seeking a more resort-like experience, consider one of the hotels in Jimbaran or Nusa Dua resorts

      Best Places To Stay In Uluwatu For Solo Travellers

      For solo travellers seeking the perfect blend of social vibe and serene relaxation, Uluwatu offers a myriad of options. 

      If you’re into socialising, nightlife and bustling neighbourhoods, Padang Padang and Suluban are the best places to stay in Uluwatu for you. Here, you’ll find charming guesthouses and hip hostels that often host social events, surf lessons, and even yoga classes. 

      On the flip side, if solitude is what you crave, the boutique resorts and Uluwatu villas closer to less frequented beaches like Green Bowl or Nyang Nyang provide the perfect backdrop for some quality ‘me time.’

      best place in Uluwatu for luxury solo travellers

      Luxury Pick – The Istana

      Perched dramatically on a cliff with stunning views, this luxury hostel offers an exceptional experience. Just a short walk from Suluban Beach, you’ll find 4-bed dormitory rooms with huge beds. Facilities include – 2 pools, bio-hacking, spa, and yoga classes.

      best place to stay Uluwatu for solo female travellers

      Mid-Range Pick – PinkCoco Uluwatu

      Tailored for adults and just 200 meters from Padang Padang Beach, this spot has a laid-back vibe. Enjoy breakfast on the house, relax in one of the two pools, or indulge at the Tapas del Mar restaurant.

      one of the best hostels in Uluwatu

      Budget Pick – Home-Bience Hostel

      Situated a 26-minute drive from Padang Padang, this budget-friendly option is ideal for solo travellers who don’t mind hopping on a scooter. Offering a mix of dormitory, private single, and double rooms, it also comes with a shared kitchen and includes breakfast.

      Best Places To Stay In Uluwatu Bali For Surfing

      Where to stay in Uluwatu for surfing? Well, that depends on your level. If you’re a pro surfer, Suluban Surf Break is the ultimate place for you. But, if you’re a learner, choose Thomas Beach or Padang Padang. There are many good surf schools located along the main road Jalan Labuan Sait, near the entrance to Padang Padang, such as Bali Swell

      one of the greatest places to stay in Uluwatu for surfing

      Mid-Range Pick – Surf Joglo Uluwatu

      Just 500 meters from Thomas Beach, this cosy one-bedroom apartment is a little slice of Balinese charm. With an inviting pool and optional breakfast, it’s not only close to the waves but also within walking distance of various restaurants. Perfect for those who want the full Uluwatu experience without sacrificing comfort.

      best place to stay in Uluwatu

      Mid-Range Pick – Dreamsea Bali

      Poised on a cliff with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, this boho-chic sanctuary offers ocean-view rooms and an on-site restaurant. Just a 10-minute stroll from Padang Padang Beach, it also provides surf classes for those eager to catch some waves. 

      Where To Stay In Uluwatu: FAQs

      Melasti Beach

      Is it worth staying in Uluwatu Bali?

      If you’re planning a trip to Bali, you might be wondering where to stay Uluwatu offers a range of options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious cliffside villas.

      Uluwatu is definitely worth adding to your itinerary if you’re a beach lover or surfer. Uluwatu is famous for the best beaches on the island, where you can actually enjoy a leisurely swim without being hit by crashing waves. It is also known for having world-class surf breaks. Uluwatu still has that rural feel to it, so if you prefer a less busy location, choose to stay here.

      Which is the best side of Uluwatu to stay in?

      For first-time travellers wanting proximity to a variety of restaurants and shops, the areas around Padang Padang and Suluban Beach in Uluwatu are top choices. If you stay here, you will also have easy access to the best Uluwatu beaches and the Uluwatu temple. 

      How many days in Uluwatu is enough?

      For a comprehensive Uluwatu experience, we recommend a stay of 3 days. This duration allows ample time to explore the iconic Uluwatu Temple, relax on its renowned beaches like Padang Padang or Melasti, indulge in local eateries, and catch a traditional Kecak dance performance. 

      If you’re an avid surfer or beach enthusiast, you might consider a longer stay to fully soak in the coastal vibes.

      Does Uluwatu have a main street?

      Yes, Uluwatu has a main street, Jalan Labuan Sait, which runs through the area. This road connects several of the region’s famous beaches, including Padang Padang and Bingin. Along Jalan Labuan Sait, you’ll find various restaurants, shops, and Uluwatu accommodation options, making it a central hub for visitors looking for amenities and dining options in Uluwatu.

      What is Uluwatu Bali known for?

      Uluwatu, Bali, is best known for its iconic Uluwatu Temple, perched dramatically on a cliff edge overlooking the Indian Ocean. Additionally, Uluwatu is celebrated for its pristine beaches and world-class surf breaks, such as at the Suluban Beach.  

      What are the best beaches in Uluwatu?

      Uluwatu boasts many fabulous beaches, but if we had to choose its top 3, it would be:

      🏝️Suluban Beach – perfect for watching pro surfers ripping through the waves.

      🏝️Melasti – known for its soft, golden sand and chic beach clubs like Palmila. 

      🏝️Bingin – a versatile beach with something for everyone, and we love its young, cool vibe.

      How do you get around in Uluwatu?

      Getting around in Uluwatu offers several options based on your preferences:

      Scooter Rental: A popular choice for many visitors. It provides flexibility to explore the winding roads and beaches at your own pace. Just ensure you’re comfortable riding, and always wear a helmet.

      Taxi or Ride-Sharing: Apps like Grab and Gojek operate in Uluwatu, making it easy to hail a ride. Traditional taxis are also available.

      Private Driver: For a more relaxed experience, you can hire a private driver for the day. This option is great if you’re planning to visit multiple sites or want local insights.

      On Foot: Some areas, especially around popular beaches, are walkable. However, given Uluwatu’s hilly terrain and hot climate, it might not always be the most comfortable option.

      Where To Stay In Uluwatu: Final Thoughts

      In a nutshell, deciding where to stay in Uluwatu Bali isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer; it depends on what you’re seeking from this cliff-fringed paradise. 

      Whether you’re a solo traveller looking for a cosy nook, a couple yearning for romantic seclusion, or a family in search of kid-friendly locales, Uluwatu accommodation offers something for everyone. 

      From the serene beaches to vibrant beach clubs, from budget hostels to luxury clifftop resorts, Uluwatu invites you to make your choice and dive into its myriad experiences. So go ahead, pick your spot, and get ready to be enamoured by Uluwatu’s spellbinding beauty.

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