south of the island is where to stay in Nusa Penida for the best beaches.

Where To Stay In Nusa Penida In 2024 – By Bali Expats

Wondering where to stay in Nusa Penida? 

In this article, we highlight the best places in Nusa Penida for new visitors so you can pick the best location to stay in Nusa Penida for your upcoming trip, no matter what your travel preferences or budget may be. 

We cover what each part of the island has to offer and who it is best suited for, and we include our top picks of hotels or resorts in that location. 

We love Nusa Penida and visit at least once every year as it’s a quick and easy 30-minute ferry journey from Sanur near our home in Canggu. The island offers soft white sand beaches and incredibly clear turquoise waters without the crowds and the highly developed tourist areas of Bali. However, over the course of our many visits, we have seen many developments on the island. 

For example, the road conditions have significantly improved, and the new road leading out of the harbour has made getting to undiscovered parts of the island easier than before. There is now a wider range of quality resorts as well as the welcome new additions of several eco-hotels. 

Nusa Penida is gaining popularity, and we are noticing increasing visitor numbers to the island. Despite this, it still feels like an off-the-beaten-track destination and one that you should visit whilst its otherworldly landscapes and pristine wilderness remain untouched. 

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Top Pick Accommodation In Nusa Penida

Atalaya is the best place to stay at Nusa Penida


Stunning, romantic white cottages in an elevated setting 1.5 kilometres from Crystal Bay Beach. It has an infinity pool and garden, and breakfast is included. 

Where To Stay In Nusa Penida – In A Nutshell

Where to stay in Nusa Penida Map.

When planning a trip to Nusa Penida where to stay is the first decision you’ll need to make. There is something in Nusa Penida for everyone – except partying night owls!

Deciding where to stay in Nusa Penida depends on what you want to see and experience – and what type of traveller you are.

If you don’t have time to read the whole guide, this section will give you a quick idea of the best area to stay in Nusa Penida and what’s unique about it. Further down this post, we go more in depth and share our recommendations that include best Nusa Penida resorts, beautful villa accommodation and also budget options.

Crystal Bay: Best place to stay in Nusa Penida for tourist amenities

Crystal Bay on the island’s west coast offers a good choice of quality accommodation, cafes and restaurants. It has a golden sand beach which is safe for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. Organised boat trips are available to see manta rays. We think Crystal Bay is good for first-timers and families who need access to reliable amenities.

Harbour Area: Best for first-time visitors and couples

The best area to stay in Nusa Penida for your first visit is near Toya Pakeh Harbour, on the far northwest tip of the island. It offers the widest selection of cafes, restaurants, beach clubs and hotels on the island. Plus, it is within easy reach of Bali and has good road links to the rest of Nusa Penida. 

Diamond & Atuh Beach: Best places to stay in Nusa Penida for beach lovers

Located in the southeast of the island, this rural area is a photographer’s dream. It is home to the famous Rumah Pohon Treehouse, dramatic Atuh Beach and the epic Diamond Beach. It is best suited for travellers who want a quiet vacation surrounded by nature and who aren’t bothered by a limited range of dining options. 

Northeast Coast (Batununggul): Best for luxury travellers and resort life

Wondering where to stay Nusa Penida for a 5-star vacation? Head to the northern coastline around Batununggul (also called Batoemoenggoel). This area has a good range of restaurants and beach clubs, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the mid-range price tag of its luxury hotels. You’ll also be close to Buyuk Harbour and within a short drive of Toya Pakeh Harbour and other island attractions.  

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      #1 Crystal Bay Area – West Nusa Penida Where To Stay First Time.

      Crystal Bay is the best place to stay in Nusa Penida first time.

      Crystal Bay is on the island’s west coast. If you’re looking for where to stay in Nusa Penida, close to Toya Pakeh Harbour, Crystal Bay is only eight kilometres away. It’s 15 kilometres from Kelingking Beach, so it’s a good mid-way destination for exploring the island.

      Crystal Bay Beach is 200 metres of pristine white sand lined with palm trees and several family-run warungs. Its calm turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling; in good conditions, you can see for up to 30 metres underwater. Visitors can explore Pura Segara Penida (a small seaside temple) or take a boat trip to see manta rays

      There is a good selection of restaurants and hotels, so combined with a convenient location and great beach, we think Crystal Bay is perfect for all travellers, particularly families and first-time visitors. 

      Staying near Kelingking Beach will give you a central location.
      Angels Billabong

      Things To Do:

      • Broken Beach (or Pasih Uug) is a gorgeous cove created by a natural stone arch. You can’t swim here as the waves are rough, but you can walk around the top of the cove for scenic views.
      • Angels Billabong – A five-minute walk from Broken Beach is Angels Billabong, a naturally formed tidal pool with clear water views at low tide. Unfortunately, swimming is no longer allowed in the pool.
      • Kelingking Beach – This beach is the most famous on Nusa Penida, partly due to its T-Rex-shaped rocky headland. You can get to the beach via a steep set of steps, but swimming is not permitted due to strong currents. 
      • Banah Cliff Point – This unspoilt wilderness is one of the best spots on the island to watch a sunset. The panoramic coastal views are spectacular. 
      • Peguyangan Waterfall (Mata Air Guyangan) – This off-the-beaten-path attraction isn’t actually a waterfall. A set of steep blue steps (nearly 700 in total) descend a cliff face to reach a small outdoor temple and a natural rock pool.

      Best Restaurants: 

      • Warung Crystal Ova – a locally run, on-the-beach restaurant serving affordable, fresh seafood. It’s one of the best places on Nusa Penida to dine whilst watching the sunset. 
      • Gita Warung Grilled Fish – a small seafood restaurant close to the hotels in Crystal Bay. We recommend the grilled fish; it’s delicious and the freshest we’ve ever tasted!


      • Close to the harbour
      • Good choice of restaurants
      • Great beach for sunbathing and swimming


      • One of the busier locations on the island 
      • The sea can be rough outside the Crystal Bay area
      • Rural roads are in poor condition

      Best hotels In Crystal Bay

      Atalaya is the best place to stay at Nusa Penida


      Stunning, romantic white cottages in an elevated setting 1.5 kilometres from the beach. It has an infinity pool and garden, and breakfast is included. 

      Mahaloka Valley is one of the best places to stay on Nusa Penida for couples


      10 charming detached villas around a large pool set amongst dense forest; in our opinion, the best place to stay Nusa Penida for a Balinese vibe.

      where is best to stay in Nusa Penida


      13 idyllic detached bungalows for two around a central pool, a 10-minute walk from the beach and a 15-minute drive from the harbour. Breakfast included.  

      #2 Harbour Area – Toya Pakeh (North) – Best Place To Stay In Nusa Penida For Nightlife & Best Dining.

      Toya Pakeh harbour area is the best place to stay in Nusa penida for nighlife.

      Wondering where to stay in Nusa Penida for the best evening entertainment? Head to the bustling Toya Pakeh harbour area on the northwest coast. It’s a 40-minute drive to Kelingking Beach and eight kilometres north of Crystal Bay. 

      The north coast is the most developed part of Nusa Penida, so if you want a wide range of dining options, late-night bars or early-morning cafes, this is the place for you. You won’t have far to travel when you arrive from Bali, and this area is also convenient for island hopping to Nusa Lembongan

      Toya Pakeh and the North Coast are ideal for short stays and for all travel types, including solos, couples, and families. 

      Blogger Mal at Tembeling Springs, Penida.

      Things To Do: 

      • Tembeling Natural Pool – This stunning natural rock pool is surrounded by trees and vines and due to the difficulty in getting there, it’s usually quiet. It’s accessed by a white-knuckle motorbike ride or a steep walk. 
      • Gamat Bay – This beach is everyone’s image of a tropical beach – soft sand backed by palm trees, blue water and no buildings in sight. There’s great snorkelling and diving off the beach, but the currents can be strong. 
      • Amok Sunset Bar – This is one of our favourite bars on Nusa Penida. It sits in an elevated position overlooking Gamat Bay and the ocean. It boasts breathtaking sunsets. Visitors can enjoy a pool, a lively bar and great food. 
      • Toya Pakeh Snorkeling Point – The clear waters around Toya Pakeh are ideal for snorkelling. You can see colourful, varied coral and fish, including parrotfish and angelfish. Alternatively, join a boat tour to venture deeper into the ocean to view manta rays. 

      Best Restaurants: 

      • Sunny Cafe Penida – This open (but covered) two-storey restaurant is on the main street, 550 metres from the harbour. It’s open from breakfast till late and is worth stopping by to admire the barista’s artistic skills! 
      • Penida Colada – We love this ocean-facing, all-day beach bar, which serves good food and even better cocktails. Don’t miss the daily happy hour and evening live music. 
      • Wr. Makan RESTU – This warung is less than 100 metres from the harbour so it’s ideal for a quick meal before your boat departs. Portions are plentiful and affordable, plus there are good options for vegetarians. 


      • Good range of restaurants and nightlife
      • Accommodation for all budgets
      • Excellent transport links and close to the harbour


      • Being close to the harbour isn’t for everyone
      • Can be busy with day trippers from Bali

      Best Hotels In Harbour Area

      Pramana Natura is one of the most unique places to stay in Nusa Penida


      Spacious villas overlooking the ocean (some with a private pool), a 15-minute drive from the harbour. There is an infinity pool, restaurant and bar on site. 

      best place to stay Nusa Penida


      This is an impressive beachfront hotel with an ocean-facing pool and spacious Balinese-style villas situated just 3 kilometres from the harbour.

      where to stay in Nusa Penida


      A two-storey, 3-star hotel a 7-minute walk from the harbour. Comfortable rooms for two overlooking a central pool, breakfast available daily.

      #3 Diamond & Atuh Beach Area – Southeast – Stay For Best Beaches!

      Atuh Beach where to stay in Nusa Penida for the best beaches.

      If you’re a beach lover visiting Nusa Penida, where to stay is an important decision. If you prefer unspoilt, natural beaches to busy, organised beaches, we recommend the southeast of the island around Diamond and Atuh Beach. 

      Whether you take the coast road or the cross-island road, it will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach this area from Toya Pakeh Harbour. Similarly, it will take 1 hour and 10 minutes on a winding road to reach Kelingking Beach. 

      Don’t let its remoteness put you off staying here. This is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt, natural locations on Nusa Penida. If you’re wondering where to stay on Nusa Penida for a get-away-from-it-all vacation, this is it. It’s best suited to couples and families with older children.

      The beaches are quiet and devoid of daytrippers from Bali. You’ll experience a more authentic part of the island life amongst locals, and whilst your accommodation options are a little limited, there are some bargains to be found here. 

      Tree House Nusa Penida
      Diamond Beach is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Nusa Penida.

      Things To Do:

      • Rumah Pohon Tree House Want to take THE photo on Nusa Penida? Then visit the Rumah Pohon. If you don’t want to stay in one of the three basic treehouses, you can pay to get your photo taken on the famous treehouse steps. Just bear in mind you may have to wait a few minutes for your turn..   
      • Thousand Islands ViewpointThis is the same location as Rumah Polon, so you can combine two attractions for one entry price. As the name suggests, it’s a clifftop with spectacular panoramic views of the coast, including the Batupadasan and Batuabah islands. On a clear day, you may be able to see Lombok. 
      • Teletubbies HillThis viewpoint is not where they filmed the well-known kids’ TV series – but the cute rolling hills certainly resemble it. It’s a scenic viewpoint which we think is at its best when the hills are at their greenest (between December and April). The hills are a half-hour drive from Diamond Beach. 
      • Suwehan BeachThis stunning unspoilt beach has impossibly blue waters and is best known for its conical offshore rock. The beach is reached by descending 342 steps, but make sure you visit at low tide; otherwise, there’ll be no beach to walk on when you reach the bottom of the steps! 

      Best Restaurants: 

      • SLAZA PENIDA Restaurant & Bar This restaurant is 700 metres from Diamond Beach. It is open from breakfast until late, serving international and local cuisine. We highly recommend the smoothie bowl!
      • Warung The Sorent – The Sorent is 1.5 kilometres from Diamond Beach and is open daily for lunch. It serves wide-ranging, affordable dishes. 


      • A quiet part of the island
      • A local vibe
      • Some of the best beaches on Nusa Penida


      • It’s a long, winding drive to and from the harbour
      • It’s a long drive to other attractions and beaches
      • Limited accommodation and dining options

      Best Hotels In Diamond & Atuh Beach

      best places to stay in Nusa Penida


      Large two and three-bedroom, two-storey self-catering villas with a pool, one of the best places to stay in Nusa Penida for groups.

      best place to stay in Nusa Penida for views


      Back to basics, rustic tree houses hugging a cliff just 100 metres from Suwehan Beach; the ocean views are outstanding.

      One of the best affordable places to stay Nusa Penida


      A bargain-priced Sumatran bungalow situated 1.5 kilometres from both Diamond and Atuh Beach. This hotel is noted for its customer service and breakfast.

      #4 Northeast Coast (Batununggul) – Best Area To Stay In Nusa Penida For Luxury Resorts.

      where to stay on Nusa Penida at the beach
      The Sankara Beach Resort via

      If you are wondering what area to stay in Nusa Penida to find the best luxury resorts, head to Batununggul on the island’s northeast coast. It’s a 25-minute drive along the coast road from Toya Pakeh Harbour and a 50-minute drive from Diamond Beach. It will take 45 minutes on the cross-island road to reach Kelingking Beach. 

      Batununggual is fairly well developed, more so than the southeast, but not as much as around the harbour, so if you’re looking for somewhere between busy and quiet, this is a good compromise! 

      You’ll have a good selection of cafes and restaurants, plus fabulous beaches such as the secluded Batununggal Rastafara Beach. We think the northeast part of the island is the best place to stay on Nusa Penida for couples and solo travellers.

      Things To Do:

      • Visit Goa Giri Putri Temple – Translated as ‘hill temple cave’, this Shiva-dedicated temple is built inside Nusa Penida’s largest cave. Devotees from all over Indonesia flock to the cave to sample the temple’s spring water, which is said to have healing powers. 
      • Have a cocktail at Cactus Beach Club Our go-to for cocktails when we visit Nusa Penida. This upmarket beach club has a pool, beach area, great service and fantastic food. 

      Best Restaurants: 

      • Warung Lonto – close to the port, this popular warung serves international cuisine for lunch and dinner and specialises in seafood. 
      • The Chill Penida – open from breakfast, this highly rated beach club serves affordable, hearty portions. It has a pool and provides live music on the weekends. 

      PROS & CONS


      • Good beaches 
      • Good location for getting to and from the harbour
      • Wide choice of high-end accommodation


      • More expensive than elsewhere on the island
      • More developed than other Nusa Penida locations

      Best Hotels In Batununggul

      Where to stay in Nusa Penida at the beach.


      This boutique hotel has 15 stylish, ocean-facing villas centred around two oceanfront pools. It’s perfect for honeymooners, and as it’s close to the reef, keen snorkellers will love it. 

      best area to stay on Nusa Penida


      A new, highly rated contemporary hotel 500 metres from Batununggal Rastafara Beach. There is a pool, an airport shuttle and breakfast is included.

      best area to stay in Nusa Penida


      This charming hillside hotel is 400 metres from Batununggal Rastafara Beach. It only has 4 rooms but boasts a pool, airport shuttle, room service and breakfast. 

      Where To Stay In Nusa Penida: FAQ

      How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali?

      It’s a quick and easy ferry crossing from Sanur in Bali to Toya Pakeh in Nusa Penida. The crossing only takes around 30 minutes.

      You can buy your tickets directly at the beach or harbour, through your hotel in Bali, or from travel agents scattered across the island. However, we usually prefer to plan ahead and secure our spots, so we normally buy our tickets online

      We normally use, where you can compare prices, departure times, and services from various operators, ensuring you find the best deal that suits your travel preferences. The prices on are super competitive, so we don’t see any advantage in not doing it online. 

      Is Nusa Penida worth visiting?

      If you want a relaxing vacation with a laid-back vibe, pristine tropical beaches, and great seafood, Nusa Penida is perfect. 

      If you want endless bars, all-night clubs, major roads for easy access and an activity-packed vacation full of cultural or historical sights, Nusa Penida is not for you. 

      Can you walk around Nusa Penida?

      Nusa Penida is 203 square kilometres and combined with a rocky coastline, you cannot walk all the way around the island. You can walk to places within the island or around the major tourist locations such as Crystal Bay or Toya Pakeh. 

      How long to stay in Nusa Penida?

      Some people visit Nusa Penida on a day trip from Bali. However, to fully explore the island – and to reach its incredible southeast beaches – we recommend spending 2 – 3 days on Nusa Penida. 

      How to get around Nusa Penida?

      If you’re wondering where to stay Nusa Penida for good transport links, stay near the harbour or on the west coast. 

      If you want to explore and travel to the southeast, we recommend hiring a car. You can hire a motorbike or scooter, but some of the more rural roads are unsuitable for inexperienced riders. 

      Can you visit Nusa Penida on a day trip from Bali?

      Yes, you can, but you will only get to explore the north and west coast in one day. One day is enough to visit highlights such as Kelingking Beach and Crystal Bay, but to fully explore this remarkable island, we recommend staying longer if you can. 

      Where is better to stay – Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan?

      Are you trying to decide between where to stay in Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan? It’s a great choice to have as both islands are fantastic destinations, but if we had to choose one over the other, we would opt for Nusa Penida. We think it’s something special. 

      Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida Island.

      Is Nusa Penida better than Gili Islands?

      We wouldn’t say Nusa Penida is better or worse. It’s just different. To us, Nusa Penida feels more local and more authentic and has a wild feel to it that we love. 

      The Gili’s are a tropical paradise with fantastic snorkelling, especially for beginners. Each has its own pros and cons. Why not visit both?

      Is it safe to swim in Nusa Penida?

      Some parts of Nusa Penida are not safe for swimming due to powerful waves, quick turning tides and strong currents. If you’re wondering where is the best place to stay in Nusa Penida for safe swimming, we recommend Crystal Bay. 

      Is Nusa Penida a party island?

      Nusa Penida is not a party island, and it is definitely not like Canggu or Seminyak! The best nightlife is found on the north coast around Toya Pakeh Harbour, but you won’t find all-night clubs and bars here. 

      Where To Stay In Nusa Penida: Final Word

      Choosing where to stay in Nusa Penida may feel like a pressing decision, but wherever you stay, we think you will love the island as much as we do. 

      Plus, if you enjoy an extended stay on the island, you can use your chosen base for day trips to other parts of the island. You may discover a new location for a future trip to Nusa Penida! 

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